Laavanya's Story

“The scenery, when it is truly seen, reacts on the

 life of the seer. How to live. How to get the most

 of life.... How to extract its honey from the flower

 of the world.”

                        ~Henry David Thoreau, Walden Pond

While contemplating what Thoureau meant by these words, it struck a deep chord with us at Laavanya. It is often forgotten how close to nature those of us in the beauty and fashion industry really are. In fact, it often seems the case that everything we do and say is just the opposite. But if you take a moment to reflect on what it is that we do and create, we are working intimately with one of nature’s most precious gifts, gemstones.

We revisited the idea that nature gives us exactly what we need, in the form that we need it. There is intrinsic beauty in everything that nature provides. The raw and organic splendor that you find in undisturbed stones can outshine any ordinary piece of jewelry. This is what Laavanya is dedicated to showcase in our jewelry and designs.

Laavanya's inspired pieces radiate originality and the essence of unique. Our jewelry focuses on using organic stones and materials to create the finest luxury jewelry. We strive to showcase the distinctive and raw splendor of each and every stone, bringing our customers true, imaginative beauty.

We believe that Mother Nature provides you with everything you need and have taken that belief to the next level in Designer Jewelry. Using natural gemstones & diamonds, also known as slice stones, as well as rose cut diamonds, our pieces create one-of-a-kind beauties to bring you something truly unique offered in both our Gold Fine Jewelry and Silver Fashion Jewelry lines.

With bright and dramatic colored gemstones, subtle yet bold slice diamonds, as well as raw and edgy opaque diamonds, and exquisite rose cut diamonds, Laavanya has created something that will satisfy everyone's thirst for beauty. Whether you're longing for playfully exotic earrings to dangle from your lobes, or thin and delicate bangles to show off a bit of mystery - Laavanya is what you're looking for.

For our jewelry collections, each stone is hand picked and cut specially for each jewelry design, and can be a long and arduous process. We seek out only the most beautiful rough material that has been sliced to perfection. It is important to remember that every stone has its own personality to offer, and we find it important to display that in our custom designs. Sometimes, especially as in the case of sliced stones, these rough stones include the imperfections, which only enhances the natural beauty of our stones – maintaining our philosophy of creating untreated and unenhanced splendor. The natural and unique essence of every piece shines through and captivates.